Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary

School Fees

The following fees shown are already subsidized. The subsidy is made possible because of generous donors to PBTS, individual partners, and partner institutions and churches.

One-Time Payments

Application Fee

  • USD 15 Developing Countries1
  • USD 100 Others2

Annual Fees

Library Fee

  • 80 USD Developing Countries
  • 100 USD Others

Fees Per Course

Tuition, Accrediation, and Technology Fees

  • 160 USD Developing Countries
  • 190 USD Others

1Developing countries as defined by World Bank Organization. Source

2Countries not listed as a developing country in note 1 above.

Scholarship Grants

Any student admitted to PBTS is automatically granted scholarship through the subsidy provided by the seminary. This subsidy is about 40% of the fees a student actually has to pay.

There are other scholarship grants that may be able. Please contact the Registrar at