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Final Period

by Admin Pbts -

We are now in the home stretch!

In just a few weeks, our semester (and current school year) will come to a close. We know that it seems so difficult to adjust to this new normal. But, you did it! 

All you have to do now is just keep the rhythm going. And before you know it, you have reached the finish line.

God bless us all!

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Available courses

This course takes the student to a tour of the world of theological thinking and writing. at the end of this course the student is able to understand the rhetoric and practice of theological writings: theological reflections, theological arguments, theological essays, theological imaginations, book review, book critique, theological construction, ethnography, and devotionals. 

This is a research in the New Testament. It is to orient the students to a deeper understanding of the NT documents through independent research.

This course is a deeper study in Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. Written between 50-51 AD, these two letters (1 and 2 Thessalonians) were among the earliest letter written by the Apostle Paul. In this letters, the apostle focuses on the theological theme: "The return of Jesus Christ to earth." However, this epistles leave the readers wide awake to the responsibilities of the present and not on focusing on the future. The readers feels the heartbeat of Paul the pastor as he identifies with the young congregation taking first steps in faith.
Welcome to Biblical Preaching 1! We will now learn how to craft a sermon from the Word of God and how to deliver them in the power of the Holy Spirit for his church and for every lost individual.

This course is a continuation of Biblical Hebrew 1. 

After learning the Historical Narrative Discourse, this course will now examine the various genres of Direct Speech. 

This course is [ catalog description here].

This course is [ catalog description here].

This course is [ catalog description here].

This course is an exploration and practice of Pastoral Theology also known as Practical Theology. Pastoral or Practical Theology is a theological genre that mainly involves the study of how Christians and Christian communities (including pastors), experience and practice their faith in the world, so that Christian practices can be done faithfully within a local context. Pastoral theology is an interdisciplinary approach, i.e. theology in critical and complementary dialogue with the human sciences and using empirical tools to understand and attend to Christians within the context of life. This course will discuss models of doing practical theology, qualitative methods for “pastoral listening”, and its application through a pastoral theology project.

This course, Christian Education Research, is designed to prepare students to study, analyze, evaluate, discuss, and present the current trends and issues in Christian Education in the research format. The students are expected to develop their critical thinking skills in writing and presenting their research topics in the area of Christian Education.