The purpose of the Historical-Theological courses is to enable the Christian minister to understand the historical contents of the Christian faith an their implications for the ever-changing cultural context. 

Courses in this category includes, but not limited to: Philosophy, Ethics, Church History, and Theology.

This course is an introduction to the problems of theological inquiry through which major Christian doctrines are interpreted and correlated into constituent parts of a coherent system of theology.

This course is [ catalog description here].

This course is a study of the dynamic interaction between faith and life. The student will develop confidence in identifying elements in the culture which Christian theology both appreciates and critically evaluates.

This course takes the student to a tour of the world of theological thinking and writing. at the end of this course the student is able to understand the rhetoric and practice of theological writings: theological reflections, theological arguments, theological essays, theological imaginations, book review, book critique, theological construction, ethnography, and devotionals.